I'm Jakub, a designer & creative thinker from Czech Republic.

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Zliide is a Danish company where I worked as a visual designer during my studies.

I developed their new website from scratch, created online & offline promo materials, and catered to the visual presence of the company.

social media campaign


AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organisation that I worked with for almost two years.

The most significant project I did was a SoMe campaign titled "BE MORE" aimed at recruiting new members.

logo, brand & graphics


Ontario is a Scout troop I have been co-leading for the past 3 years. We are a troop for boys aged 10 to 15.

I created a visual identity for the troop, which subtly connects all of its materials, be it posters, hoodies, coins or even our own Bang! expansion pack.

concept, UI & UX


During our studies, my team and I developed this concept for a client company, Lix. The task was to come up with ideas for a platform called Squad8, which would help students with communicate and study.

We designed and prototyped a platform allowing students to share PDFs from classes, such as slides or books, and collaborate on them.

Simply put, the platform is sort of like Facebook with Slack teams, where you share PDFs and collaborate on them like in Google Drive/Docs.

Concept & UI

A Year for the Future

Just like Squad8, this concept was developed by me and my team as a university project. The goal was to drive attendees to sustainability events happening in Dokk1, a building in Aarhus.

We came up with an idea for an initiative called A Year for the Future. Twelve connected sustainability events during twelve months, a manifesto of 10 steps leading to sustainable lifestyle and an app tying it all together.

The idea was not just to get people to attend, but to actually engage them in sustainable lifestyle.


Logos, posters, campaigns, visual identities, T-shirt motives and generally anything that may not belong above, but deserves to be here anyway.

About me

My name is Jakub Slíva, I am from Czech Republic and I have been studying in Denmark for the past 4 years. I already completed an AP degree in Computer Science and I am about to finish my bachelor in Digital Concept Development.

Halfway through my Computer Science degree, I came to a realization that while I do have some aptitude for programming and IT, I don't really enjoy it, and I am just much better suited for design, since it's both a hobby and a talent of mine.

Ever since, the hobby has turned into a passion and a career path of choice, as I have taken every opportunity possible to educate myself and gain experience in the field of design. I have done design internships in Denmark, Greece and Mauritius, I worked as a freelancer, I volunteered as a designer for about a year in AIESEC in Denmark and Mauritius, I had a job as a visual designer during my studies in Denmark and I even taught graphic design at over 10 workshops, lectures and masterclasses.


Simplicity • Efficiency • Innovation


Human approach • Humor • Quality

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